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Caring for Silver

Cleaning and caring for your sterling silver jewelry

First I would like to say, sterling silver is easy to care for if you follow a few simple steps, so don't be afraid.  

To reduce tarnish and keep your pieces tarnish free for months at a time, it is recommended that you keep your sterling silver jewelry in an air-tight bag. I have found zip-lock bags work well for storing sterling silver jewelry.  

Wearing your jewelry regularly will also help to prevent the build up of tarnish.

Silver Jewelry Care

Sterling silver jewelry does not require much care, but here are a few things you should keep in mind :

The beach is a terrible place for jewelry of almost any kind; between scratches from the sand and the tendency for jewelry to fall off in the water you are best off just leaving it home.

Never immerse your silver jewelry in chlorine, salt water, mineral springs and lotions it is very bad for all jewelry and gemstones. It will tarnish nearly any precious metal, Chlorine will turn your silver grayish and then blue-black. Be careful when adding bleach to the laundry and always remove your jewelry before swimming or using a hot tub.

Never use dips or abrasive cleaners on any gemstones or pearls.

If your silver jewelry does become tarnished you can use liquid tarnish remover as long as there are no gemstones in the piece and there is oxidized finish on the piece. Using “dip” cleaners will alter the antique look of oxidized jewelry. If this is the case, then use a jewelry polishing cloth. They do a wonderful job restoring the luster to tarnished pieces.